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January, 2017

Credit Where Credit’s Due

There’s a cartoon series, originally by Jeff McNelly (of “Doonsbury” fame) called “Pluggers”, which celebrates all those silent and unspoken heroes who stand in the background but actually make the world go round. And as a company full of engineering specialists, our guys certainly fall into this category.

Our guys spend hours in our workshop making sure other people’s jobs are perfect. And they rarely ever get a mention, let alone a pat on the back.

So we were very proud when one of our key clients – Glidepath – took time out to share their “day in the sun” with us. It seems the Auckland Airport Development team were particularly impressed with the job they’d done on the Domestic Screening facility, which we had contributed to.

Not only did Glidepath say thank you to R&H for their contribution, but they took special care to thank all of our core team members who were involved in the job.

I’ve never been more proud of my “Pluggers” and join glidepath in highlighting their contribution. Here’s what Glidepath had to say.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Simon and the team for the extraordinary effort not only on the Domestic Screening project but all work at AIAL in 2016. This was a genuine team effort that R & H Engineering were a significant part of. Any success here must be shared with yourselves as a key installation supplier to Glidepath.

As always Salis was fantastic but a special thank you to Devon and Rickus who in my opinion were “MVP’s” and are certainly welcome back on any of our sites. I think Simon may have been onsite also from time to time.

Again, your ongoing support and performance are greatly appreciated by me personally and Glidepath. We look forward to continuing our relationship in 2017.

Thank you Glidepath for making our guys feel special. You’ve made my day, and I’m sure you’ve made the day for the whole team.







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