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February, 2016

Small Wonders


This simple task got the same amount of precision and care that goes into all our jobs.

Why even the smallest jobs are important to us:

Sometimes it’s the simplest things in life that give us the greatest satisfaction. Normally, our teams are working on complex, precise commercial jobs, like the roof structure for the Michael Joseph Savage Memorial toilet block or the façade of St Kentigern’s new admissions block. But every now and then our clients’ needs are less complex.

At R&H, even a simple gate is something we are very proud of.


R&H are proud of every precision job they complete.

Take, for instance, this brief to build and install a custom gate on the back yard of this commercial building. Both the skin and the frame that supports it are aligned perfectly with the top of the wall. The skin is cut from a single sheet of steel (adding to the integrity and the aesthetics of the door). It’s factory-welded (ensuring uniformity and precision) and treble sprayed, with primer, rust protection, and top coat.

The frame has a single diagonal strut to stabilize the structure, and prevent distortion, and runs on a seamless stainless steel track which should not pit or corrode ensure lasting smooth runnings. The brackets mounting the gate to the wall were also custom-made to support and enhance the gate, and the running gear is heavy duty rubber, with an <x> year guarantee.


Admissions Building at St Kents: Some jobs are bigger and have multiple aspects.

Our engineers delivered and installed the door, to ensure that it functioned smoothly and without any unforeseen impediments.

So while it won’t get as many “ooh’s and aah’s” as, say, the façade we did for St Kentigern’s College (above), it has had just as much care and attention during manufacturing and assembly as any job which bears the R&H name.

R&H Engineering are general engineers with substantial capacity and the ability to design and produce bespoke engineering solutions for industry and construction. With our extensive manufacturing experience in agriculture, architecture, construction, stainless steel and even outdoor furniture, we are confident that we can deliver superior engineering projects, of any size, on time and on budget.

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